Thursday, February 26, 2009

You're Looking For WHAT?!

Since I started actively looking for a new job I've received some rather odd emails from various recruiters, insurance companies, financial advisory companies, and scammers. I got one yesterday, though, that really caught me by surprise. It was a legitimate job inquiry from a recruiter looking for someone with C++ experience. I wasn't sure why anyone would be recruiting ME for a C++ job, as I don't have that much experience with it, and what I have is over four years old now.

But I glanced through the job description anyway for curiosity sake. Then my eyes hit the educational requirements: College Degree in Music. MUSIC?! That would explain why I came up on their search. It turns out it was for a developer position with a company producing music notation/playback software.

I have to wonder how many people came up in her search. I know of at least one other musician-programmer--possibly two--from my graduating class. I'll bet we're not that odd a combination, really. Still, it was interesting to see someone actively looking for someone like me. It made me wish I had more C++ experience.

The position is in Greensboro, North Carolina, which was also an eye-brow raiser. One of my favorite writers lives there.

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