Friday, February 06, 2009

Insurance Salesman Salesmen

Just how many insurance companies are there in America? I'll tell you in a few more days. Ever since I refreshed my profiles on the job sites I've been getting an endless stream of emails and phone calls from people who have--supposedly--read my resume and are convinced I have everything it takes to be a successful insurance salesman.

They must be referring to my other, super-secret resume--so secret I don't even know about it.

I'm in IT, for crying out loud! Name me one aspect of IT that would tell any reasonable person I've got great potential in sales? Aren't IT people supposed to be geeks and nerds who got into the field because we wouldn't have to interact with people that much?

Each of these job sites have "premium upgrades" you can pay for to enhance your visibility. How about a premium upgrade to make your profile invisible to insurance companies? I'd be sorely tempted to pay up.

I'm tempted to call one of these people and ask them "Just what was it on my resume that caught your attention." Anyone want to bet me they've never even read it? Their emails are always very complimentary, but always lacking in specifics. And invariably they ask me to send them a resume. They could get my resume from the job site if they really wanted it.

**Sigh** I hate job hunting.

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