Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Power Grab

One wonders if Obama knows that he's a one-term president. What if he's decided to be the "sacrifice play" to get the winning run over the plate?

According to Orson Scott Card, that may very well be the case. Obama's recent move to place the census under the control of the White House has been amazingly under-reported, even though if the same things were done under George Bush it would have been decried for the blatent attempt at a coup that it is.

First, he explains how the natural migration of the population from Rust Belt states to Sun Belt states is already turning formerly conservative states into swing states. But that's not enough. Obama wants to clinch the deal:
But no, the Left wants to go after the Census itself. They want to "adjust" the Census by adding "estimated" numbers of uncounted homeless, poor, and illegal immigrants.

This is functionally identical to the practice of the old Democratic Party machine in Illinois, where dead Democratic voters in Chicago turned out in large enough numbers to counterbalance all the Republican votes downstate.

Now it won't matter how many voters there are. If the Census has been jimmied to give Democratic-leaning states more congressional seats and more electoral votes than the actual count of real people would justify, the Democrats will have their "historic realignment" without having to actually persuade anybody new to vote for their candidates.

And Obama has set himself up to rig all future American elections, not through any democratic process, but by fiat. Just like a dictator.

He recommends you lobby your state government to protest this move.

I'd prefer to think that this couldn't be true. But quite frankly I can't see any other good reason why the census should be under the control of the White House. It ain't broke. Don't fix it. Though I do think "fix" is the operative word here.

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