Saturday, February 14, 2009

Job Update

Yes, I had an interview yesterday. I can't say for sure how it went. From the follow-up questions on some questions I can assume they had some concerns with what I said. On other questions I'm pretty sure I hit it out of the park (or they are clueless and I don't want to work there). It ultimately comes down to a) what they're looking for, b) who else has applied, and c) how they weight the various questions.

I'm pretty sure I'd be a good fit for what they're looking to do. I'm pretty sure I'd have fun doing it. I'll find out on Wednesday what they think.

I interviewed for a Data Analyst position with a local internet wunderkind known as I do have some concerns about working for a bodybuilding supplier, but I know several people already working there, and if they can work there I probably can handle it, too.

I also applied for a QA engineer position there. I know their QA manager, so I know that either a) he'll be glad to see me, or b) have expectations I can't measure up to, or c) both. We'll just have to see.

Finally, there's a position open at the place I'm being laid off from now, though it's in another part of the company. I've applied for it, though there's certainly no guarantee that I won't be shown the door in another couple months even if I do get the job. But hey, that's that much longer, and that much more savings put away if so.

Meanwhile, thanks to my brother, Dan, I've got a business idea germinating. This one is so good I've even been able to get Terhi excited about it. Details to follow...someday. For now, it's still forming. Let's just say I've already purchased domain names, and today I've learned some very exciting things about how websites work. I've got a good feeling about this idea. Even if it doesn't pay off, it's going to be a lot of fun, and very educational. The low startup costs are just icing on the cake.

And with that I'll walk away and leave you hanging. ;-)

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