Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Happened in Georgia

Michael Totten reports:
"On the evening of the 7th, the Ossetians launch an all-out barrage focused on Georgian [i]villages[/i], not on Georgian positions. Remember, these Georgian villages inside South Ossetia--the Georgians have mostly evacuated those villages, and three of them are completely pulverized. That evening, the 7th, the president gets information that a large Russian column is on the move. Later that evening, somebody sees those vehicles emerging from the Roki tunnel [into Georgia from Russia]. Then a little bit later, somebody else sees them. That's three confirmations. It was time to act."

The "invasion" of South Ossetia was to try and cut off the Russian advance. It was by no means the first act of aggression. The war had already been under way for days. Read this article for a full timeline of what really happened.

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