Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's About Time

David Gilmour's son absolutely hated high school, and wanted to drop out. So Gilmour read between the lines and agreed. His son, Jesse, could drop out of school, but he had to stay home and watch movies with him. Jesse agreed and Gilmour, a film critic and documentary director, started the pair off on a three-year journey through over 350 films. Jesse eventually finished his GED and put in a year of college before pursuing a career in film himself.

In it all, I believe, lies an important lesson. According to Jesse:
“I don’t think you necessarily learn life lessons from films. I think the only life lessons you learn are from knocking yourself around and actually living. But we’d have conversations that sprang out of these films. I did learn from that, things guys need to talk about, heartbreak and drugs and all that. It happened to be movies, but it could have been something else my dad and I did. I think it was more about us spending time together.” (emphasis added)

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