Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Like, I'm Totally Voting For Paris?!

I heard Paris Hilton had filmed a response to John McCain's "Celebrity" ads. In spite of my loathing of all things "Paris", I finally broke down and watched it here.

I have to say I'm impressed. It's an excellent blend of self-parody and "right-back-at-ya" image defiance that, I believe, successfully puts her above and apart from the political fray.

Scary to say it, but this may even have raised my estimation of her a bit. I'm sure she had her PR people come up with the whole thing, but that she'd agree to go ahead with it shows a canny calculation that belies her bimbo personae.

That she's making regular trips to the bank is obvious. I sometimes wonder if she isn't laughing along the way.

EDIT: Here's some background on the video.


Ronaldo said...

So you're saying that it takes brains to pull off being an idiot so successfully? :) Probably true. Yeah, good clip though. But doesn't Hollywood forbid even mocking suggestion of compromise?

Thom said...

Perhaps, but then since when is Paris dependent on Hollywood? Her celebrity comes from tabloids. No Hollywood producer can have her blacklisted because she doesn't make movies.

On the other hand, to further support the brains-to-be-stupid notion, they can't complain TOO loudly, because on the surface the video seems to be making fun of McCain and his attempt to use her for his own gains.

Dan Stratton said...

Watched it last night. I had to agree with your take. I actually ended up respecting Paris in a small way. What scared me is that I respected her more than wrinkly guy and too-fit guy. But she can't paint it pink.

It was well written and hats off to her for having some fun. I think it is great when people come back in a good sported, fun way.

Thom said...

Good point. In a general environment of super-sensitivity and Active Offense-Seeking Radar, it's good that someone is not above laughing at themselves, poking some good-spirited fun, and generally making everyone else look silly by rising above the fray.