Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cowboy Diplomat

I missed this. Last week while President Bush was at the Olympics in Beijing he did an interview with Bob Costas that covered a lot of ground--very little of it about sports.

It occurred to me that the world seems to have a rather unrealistic expectation of world leaders, that they have all the right levers to push to make other leaders give in and do what is wanted. Such is not the case, especially with large countries like China and Russia.

I shouldn't be surprised if some of the people who are criticizing Bush for not doing enough to stop the Russians in Georgia are the same people who criticize him for rushing into war with Iraq--a process that took several years.

I just don't understand. Why is it not okay to militarily intervene against a nation that has invaded and threatened its neighbors and has expressed ill will toward the U.S. but it IS okay to militarily intervene against a nation that has invaded a neighbor but still has cordial relations with the U.S.? There's even oil involved in both cases.

People accuse Bush of inconsistency in his foreign policy, but see no inconsistency or downright contradiction in their own.

Even if Iraq had never happened and our military was still strong and rested I don't think we would--or should--be responding to the situation Georgia any differently than we are now.


Anonymous said...

Especially since it was Georgia who invaded its neighbor in the first place - not Russia. ;-)

Thom said...

Well, if you want to get technical, Georgia "invaded" their own territory, not their neighbor. Southern Ossetia has never been recognized as a separate state by anyone other than Russia. And the South Ossetian had been attacking Georgia before that. So the water is plenty muddy all around.