Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Prediction? Pain!!

McCain is supposed to announce his running mate tomorrow. Given all the fun they're having with P.U.M.A.s (Party Unity, My A**) and Hillary-ites at the DNC, I'm going to predict McCain will chose a female VP. Who? Good question. I don't know anything about Sarah Palin, and Carly Fiorina doesn't have a good name in these parts (though I do believe her Compaq merger has been largely vindicated). I've heard Meg Whitman also forwarded, but I have my doubts there. So I won't say who, just predict it'll be a "she", for the following reasons:

- It'll show many of the Hillary-ites that the GOP is willing to do what the "diversity party" is not.
- A smart, sharp woman should have no trouble making Biden look silly, if not downright mean.
- It'll spread the "historical moment" concept around more. Sure, a female VP is not as historical as a black president, but it reduces that as the ONLY reason to vote for Obama.
- At least two of the mentioned choices could bolster the "economics experience" deficiency in the McCain ticket, not to mention shift the discussion on foreign affairs toward trade and protectionism--an area where the Obama campaign is weak.

The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see Carly Fiorina as VP. She'd have the sharp business mind of Cheney without the connection to Big Ooooooooooil! And she's been at ground zero of the Outsourcing issue for years. She's not afraid of controversy, and she's got plenty of on-camera experience. She's clear and succinct, which should expose Biden for the blow-hard he is. The only drawback is the perception of her as being a bit TOO hard. I haven't seen her speak for awhile. Perhaps she's softened her edges a bit?

Of course now that I've made this prediction I've pretty much guaranteed that McCain will pick a guy. On that topic I'm mute, though it appears that Romney and Orson Scott Card feel the same on the idea of Romney as VP. As Romney said in an interview yesterday, McCain can probably take Utah without him on the ticket.

Anyway, tomorrow we may know who it will be. If McCain picks well he should be able to easily undo any "bump" Obama gets from Biden and the convention (and from what I've heard, there was no Biden bump).

This is where it starts to get interesting, folks.

UPDATE: Well, I got it partly right. McCain has picked a woman, Sarah Palin. Interesting factoid: She was born in Idaho and got her degree from University of Idaho.


Dan Stratton said...

In reviewing your blog post, I believe you were closer than you ever dreamed. You nearly got the name right!
"My prediction? Pa[l]in!!

Dude, you're scary.

Thom said...

If it wasn't such an obvious quote (Okay, maybe not THAT obvious) I could perhaps get away with calling it a typo. If I hadn't said I don't know anything about her.