Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making Government Smaller?

Don Surber has an interesting post up about the Administration--or lack thereof:
After 51 days in office, Barack Obama has appointed only 73 people to 1,200 jobs that require Senate confirmation.

If they require Senate approval, they are important jobs.

But Obama is too busy to properly vet the people and appoint them to fill the jobs to get the work done.

That is his job.

Perhaps if he could actually appoint people to the top jobs who won't resign or refuse, they might be able to fill those spots? Well, except Geithner, who still doesn't have any help while he battles the economy.

This has serious repercussions:
“But yesterday, Sir Gus O’Donnell, Britain’s most senior civil servant, exposed transatlantic tension when he protested that Downing Street was finding it ‘unbelievably difficult’ to plan for next month’s G20 summit in London because of problems tracking down senior figures in the US administration. ‘There is nobody there. You cannot believe how difficult it is,’ the Cabinet Secretary told a civil service conference in Gateshead.”

Well, on the upside, until those positions are filled there's no one drawing all those paychecks. That should put a crimp in the deficit, right?

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