Thursday, March 05, 2009

Don't You DARE Call This a "Merit Increase"

Congress has voted themselves a pay increase and a petty-cash increase, and Obama is dining on expensive wine and steak. Meanwhile the economy continues to slide, unemployment rises, and wages are falling. But that, they tell us, is the fault of Bush and Rush.

The only trouble with that theory is that the stock market had started to stabilize in January. We were actually seeing increases. Then Obama took office and every new program or policy or casual remark by government official is met with another market drop. He can't blame THAT on Bush. He can't blame THAT on Rush Limbaugh.

We're hearing nothing but hypocrisy from the Democrat establishment in Washington. Americans, we are told, need to tighten our belts and brace for things to get worse before they get better. We need to be responsible. We need to not buy houses we can't afford.

Washington is not leading by example. They are spending money they don't have, won't have, and may never have. They are attacking the rich as the heart of the problem, and yet are prepared to raise taxes on them as if they're the only solution. They are rewarding their supporters with spending and pork. Our President, who not that long ago was talking tough on earmarks is now refusing to see earmarks anywhere he looks.

Americans are expected to sacrifice for their country, while our Democratic government are determined to feast on the offerings--and demand more.

They can blame the GOP all they want for being the "Party of NO", but the reality is that their "No" is nearly pointless. The Democrats have shut them out of every discussion, and while Obama has at least appeared to want to listen, he didn't use any of the ideas he heard.

Pelosi and Reid have gone a step further by saying that the GOP cannot possible have a good idea worth listening to because every single idea they've ever had in the past eight years are useless and the very cause of the mess we're in. Such a notion is not only insulting, dishonest, and disingenuous, but inherently dangerous. They are essentially saying that every second of the last eight years were a complete and utter failure, including the government's successful response to the economic downturn after the dot-com bust and 9/11 and the steady economic growth we've experienced for at least six of the past eight years. That can't possibly be correct.

What's more, it's not as if the Democrats did nothing at all during that time. Had the GOP enjoyed the level of control the Dems now have it would be much easier to make that case. But in many, many cases the policies and budgets that got implemented were done with Democrat approval. So essentially they're contradicting themselves: "the things we did when we weren't in control were stupid, but now that we're in charge we're suddenly right."

Besides, we know that not everything done during the Bush years were wrong, because Obama has adopted many of the same policies. Remember how "launching missiles into Pakistan won't solve the problem"? How many missiles have been launched into Pakistan since Obama took office? He's C-in-C now. He could stop that if he wanted to. An all we've heard since his original order to close Guantanamo is how difficult that will actually be. It wouldn't be if he really wanted it closed. Irresponsible, yes, but not difficult. And it looks like we'll have a significant number of troops in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

The Democrats seem to think that having won the election translates into "we have a massive mandate to completely undo everything done in the last eight years." That is self-delusion, and a recent poll confirms that while Obama is still popular, his policies are becoming less so. So far he's been able to blame things on Bush or make it appear that it was Congress' work that he was merely okaying. The reality is that he and his team are at best too inexperienced and at worst deliberately trying to weaken the economy further.

Here's a news flash for you, Mr. President. The so-beloved Middle-Class you are out to save have a considerable amount invested in our 401Ks and retirement accounts and are depending on the stock market to turn around. It's not just the Wall Street "fatcats" (most of whom are NOT irresponsible near-crooks) who need the stock market to do well. We all do. What we have seen since January is not the normal gyrations of the market. It's a steady, rapid decline. Call your accountant. He'll tell you what your cabinet of so-called smart people can't seem to figure out.

Suck it in and show some of that fiery resolve you campaigned with. Bring fiscal responsibility to Washington. Put an end to earmarks. Cut back or postpone your programs to meet the economic realities like you said you would. Show us that Washington knows how to manage our money before you lecture us on responsibility.

The economy is continuing to slide because we're not seeing anything new from Washington. It's business as usual. It's revenge as usual. It's scapegoating and blame-deflecting as usual. We need to see leadership and accountability.

It's time you deliver.

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