Monday, March 02, 2009

Earn Ben Stein's Money

Sometimes I think Ben Stein is too good for Yahoo! Finance. Today he posted a column about how to survive the recession. The bottom line is to get out there and work hard, work smart, and be more valuable than the other guy who is waiting for the government to bail him out:
But to expect that ‘government' is a fairy godmother who will rescue you from your problems over any long period is just fantasy. Here's the good news: This country will be rescued by each of us doing what we can do in our own individual sphere of action as government works in its sphere of action. There are roughly 142 million men and women in the labor force. Their ingenuity, flexibility, energy, and confidence will make more difference than anything government does on an individual basis -- which is not to take away a thing from the effects of good policy.

In the free society, we rescue ourselves.

His commenters range from agreement to complete disregard. I'm encouraged by the latter group. If there are enough of those idiots around who expect the government to help them then I might just have a shot at surviving. They shouldn't be too difficult to compete with.

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