Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What Does This Mean: Two Views

In taking on this blog I have decided to stretch myself a bit and do some things I wouldn't normally do. Like go out of my way to present alternate views. So for my first attempt, here are two views of what the Obama victory means.

First, from Arthur Chrenkoff, via PajamasMedia:
  • America will continue to be a terrorist target
  • Those who pretended that anti-Americanism was all about Bush will be proven wrong
  • Disappointments will start on the day one
  • Things will get worse for the Republicans before they get better
  • Deification of the Anointed One will only get more sickening

Next, from Gary Kamiya, via Salon:

  • We have taken our country back from demagogues, the greedy, the warmongers, incompetants, and reactionaries
  • The Reagan Revolution is over
  • The nation is rejecting the conservative "each man for himself" morality
  • The nation wants to take America back to what it once was
  • No one is expecting miracles from Obama


Dan Stratton said...

I believe that President-elect Obama is not going to get a honeymoon, or his 100 days started yesterday. Regardless of what Gary says, expectations are pretty high for him right now, on all sides. I attribute the lack of a honeymoon to the extended campaign. Everyone is so tired of the constant talk over the last 3 years that we want action. Action from a man who won't take the oath of office for 3 months! Sorry M.r Obama, but you brought it on yourself.

Thom said...

Whether or not we're expecting miracles, I believe you're right in that we ARE expecting ACTION. The clock started yesterday.

I had to laugh at this article from the Onion: Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job. You have to wonder sometimes why anyone would want to be president.

Dan Stratton said...

Haven't read it yet, but I would have to agree. It isn't a job I want. Those are the decisions I hope I never have to make.