Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uh Huh, SURE You Wont...

For those who think granting Gay Marriage won't lead to churches being forced to perform those marriages against their will and doctrine really are delusional. Case in point:
( Online dating service eHarmony said Wednesday it will launch a new Web site which caters to same-sex singles as part of a discrimination settlement with New Jersey's Civil Rights Division.

The settlement is the result of a complaint New Jersey resident Eric McKinley filed against the online matchmaker in 2005. McKinley, 46, said he was shocked when he tried to sign up for the dating site but couldn't get past the first screen because there was no option for men seeking men.

"It's very frustrating and it's very humiliating to think that other people can do it and I can't," he said. "And the only reason I can't is because I'm a gay man. That's very hurtful."
So now we've got precedence where businesses are being forced to service clientele they have no interest in serving. They are a business. If they want to leave money on the table that's their problem. Next you'll tell me that I should be legally allowed to walk into McDonalds, order a Whopper, and they have to sell me one?

Other sites cater to gays. Why can't he go there? Why does he have to force a company to sell to him? Do I go around forcing beer companies to create a line of non-alcoholic beers?

Anyone who believes that churches will be able to hold out against performing gay marriages is kidding themselves. So please stop blaming us for every ill in the world if we choose to fight for our own rights.

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Dan Stratton said...

Well said and researched. You are absolutely right on this one. They will use discrimination accusations to their fullest. I think we have to go back to the classic definition of discriminating as in:
1. differentiating; analytical.
2. noting differences or distinctions with nicety; discerning; perspicacious: a discriminating interpreter of events.
3. having excellent taste or judgment: a discriminating interior designer.
4. differential, as a tariff.
5. possessing distinctive features; capable of being differentiated; discriminative.

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