Monday, November 17, 2008

Conjuncture Juncture, What's Your Functure

This video on MSNBC shows a new idea in telecommuting: Telecommuting from an office!

You see, many telecommuters found they miss interacting with and being around people. So they started going to coffee shops and hanging out while they work. Evidently not all coffee shops like this, and may have implemented limits where you could only do that once a week.

Then someone got an idea. He opened his own "telecommuting club" in a house. He added wi-fi and upscale coffee machines, and charge people a monthly fee to come there and work. He's got twelve clients so far. They enjoy having people to interact with, brainstorm with, and be around--even if they all work for different companies (do I smell intellectual property rights problems on the horizon?). And they get free coffee.

It's actually not a bad idea. I've worked from home from time to time, and I can handle it for one day. If I were to do that on a regular basis I'd loose touch with the rest of the team and miss out on lots of the little conversations and interactions that make work more enjoyable.

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