Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I'm Vegetarian

I am a vegetarian (practically vegan, really). Why? Well, because of this sort of thing, really. I'm not necessarily against raising meat for food, or eating meat, either. But the animals deserve decent treatment in the mean time.

The drive to mass-produce meat has opened the door to hideous abuses. There's something wrong when we treat our corn more gently than we treat our cows. And since I can't guarantee that whatever I may eat was treated well and was able to enjoy what life it had prior to my dinner table, it's easier to just not eat meat.

Besides, my wife has done a wonderful job of proving to me that giving up meat doesn't mean giving up variety and taste. I'm a guy who can't stand salads. I've been eating vegetarian for at least five years now, and I've not missed it.

If you want some recipes, let me know. We've got some good ones.

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