Monday, September 29, 2008

National Talk Like A Congressman Day

"Gawrsh, Mickey! Where'd ev'rybody's 401K go?!"

Congratulations to Congress for proving that yes, indeed, they DO matter. Now that you have proof-positive that you CAN have an impact on the markets, would you please do something that will impact them in a positive manner?

A pox upon both your houses!

The last time I saw such fancy footwork was watching Riverdance. "How do we scuttle this deal without looking like we're trying to scuttle this deal? I know! I'll give a big speech in favor of the deal while starting off insulting the other party whose votes we're insisting on. Oh, and let's get mad at them for not attending a meeting we didn't invite them to! That'll do it!"

The other side is just as bad. "We don't believe in this, but rather than try to present any rational arguments against it let's just pretend to go along and then refuse to support it. This our chance to stick it to both Bush AND McCain! Those traitors!"

Well done, you fools! You're bringing about the very event you claimed to be trying to save us from.

Come November when I enter the voting booth I'll be looking really hard for a "Purge" button.

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