Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surrender Dorothy!

I just got a call from home telling me to look outside. There was a military jet skywriting an advertisement for the air show this weekend. I got outside just in time to miss it. She'd finished (though she didn't put a 'w' on Airsho).

I admit I'm very much a little boy where airplanes are concerned. Nine years of living near the airport flight-lane hasn't changed that. Nor has having spent more time on airplanes than Sarah Palin has spent in Europe. If there's an airplane flying by I have to look.

This is especially so with military planes. We live just 40 miles away from an Air Force base (where the air show will be held), so you'd think it's a no-brainer that I'd have gone to at least one of the yearly shows by now, but I haven't. I really need to go. If I weren't already booked this weekend I'd consider it.

Next year my boys will be six and four. I think that may be the time for three little boys (one having a drivers license) to go to the airshow. I wonder if the girls would want to go too.

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