Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin Derangement Syndrome

Let me just say that while I plan to vote for McCain, I really wish there was someone I could feel better about to vote for. And, as likeable as Palin is, if she were running for President I wouldn't vote for her.

That said, I can see why she was a brilliant pick for McCain:
     - She's an unknown, so she's guaranteed to pick up lots of press coverage as the press seek to tell us who she is.
     - As an unexpected choice the media were caught off guard. They were unable to get any "good stuff" on her before she had a chance to deliver "The Speech".
     - "The Speech" and her background connected her to Middle America in a way that NO candidate has done thus far.
     - "The Speech" and her background irritates--even infuriates--the Left leadership and media in a way no other candidate has done thus far.
     - Not realizing that Palin has connected with Middle America--or just not caring, as they tend to consider Middle America to be "white trash America" and too stupid to count--the Left leadership and media have unleashed their fury on Palin.
     - Obama is getting next to no coverage now, as even the media who have been worshipping him are too busy attacking Palin.
     - Middle America, whether they agree with her or not, see much they have in common with Palin. Thus the relentless, mean-spirited media attacks are viewed as an attack on Middle America.
     - Obama knows this, but he is unable to control his supporters. He sees the danger and there's nothing he can do. He sees that these attacks are only elevating Palin while dragging him down by association.
     - This has Obama rattled, and he's struggling to regain his footing. Instead he wavers between feeling obligated to attack Palin and wanting to ignore her. Unable to decide, he's not doing either very well.
     - His entire campaign is now off message. He's no longer about Change. He's about...regaining control of his campaign.
     - This all capitalizes on Obama's obvious sidelining of Hillary Clinton. Had he at least vetted Hillary he wouldn't be in this trouble now. Instead, he chose Biden, apparently to defend himself against the "lack of experience" angle. Biden, while experienced, is NOT about Change. He is firmly connected to everything that Middle America sees as wrong with Washington. Meanwhile, McCain now looks like the candidate of Change.
     - Obama has been prepping himself for a fight centered on his lack of experience (remember Obama's European Vacation?). He chose Biden based on that. Suddenly his opponents are not only dropping that angle, as Palin is at the least no MORE experienced than Obama. The fight Obama was prepared for is not materialising.
     - The next best thing his campaign can come up with is to turn the "Lack of Experience" angle around against Palin. But she's the candidate for VP, not President, so it just doesn't work as well. Furthermore, she's got a solid record of accomplishment in what she HAS done, indicating that her lack of experience is more of a plus than a minus.
     - Obama has never been good when he's off-script. And his campaign currently has no script. In the absence of a script he's struggling, and the rabid anti-Palin-ism of his supporters become HIS script by default, as it's the only message currently coming from the Left.
     - Obama's success thus far has come from having a positive campaign that LOOKS like it's not the same "Politics As Usual." He's been cultivating a utopian vision that appeals to the best that is in us. The current anti-Palin environment has stripped the veneer off his movement. HE may be above such things, but his followers have been exposed as the same mean-spirited, prejudiced, hate-mongers that have been the public face of Liberalism for the last eight years. The Emperor has his clothes, but his robe has been opened, and exposed all the rats lurking beneath.
     Note: Not for a moment am I claiming there aren't plenty of mean-spirited, prejudiced hate-mongers on the Right. There are so many of them, in fact, that while I am most likely a conservative, I'm not about to admit it, because I don't want to be associated with THOSE PEOPLE. But there are so many of those types on BOTH sides that I really feel that there is no comfortable home for me, politically.

I don't believe McCain was so smart, so prescient as to have known all this would happen if he selected Palin. I think he had an inkling about some of it. Whether I agree with his policies or not(and there are some that scare me, frankly), I have to admire his skill. He made a choice that has single-handedly changed the face of the election.

I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing, either. The face we are starting to see is not a nice one.

But it certainly makes an interesting contrast between the two candidates. Obama has said for some time "judge my by how I run my campaign." Well, he's been running his campaign well so far. But then he's been on top. He's felt comfortable. McCain has been struggling all along and has nearly been out several times. But he's kept his head and pulled out some key plays when the pressure is on. Now the pressure is on Obama, and it's his turn to struggle. I guess we'll finally get a chance to see how good a clutch player he is.

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