Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nobody's Fool

Yesterday my daughter kept going on about this "baby egg" she got from a friend of hers at school. It appeared to me to be nothing more than a very small, green bead. But she insisted it was a baby egg, and that they start out very small and green, but then get bigger and whiter as they grow until they become a full sized egg. Her friend had told her this, and she seemed to believe it.

I was not sure how to handle it. Should I try and shatter her illusion now, or wait until she got concerned because it wasn't growing? I finally settled for saying something like "It probably won't grow unless it stays inside the chicken."

She suddenly got all serious. "Dad, can I tell you a secret? It's not really an egg. My friend and I found it on the playground and she thought it would be fun to pretend."

So there you go. My daughter is smart AND an actress.

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