Monday, January 01, 2007

All Right, Back To Work, You Bum!

I've enjoyed being off work for the last week and a half, even if much of the time was spent catching up on the honey-do list. Had a wonderful Christmahannukwanzadanstice--it was even a week before the kids returned to not having anything to do! I've been reviewing and revising the budget, inventorying the food storage, and generally taking charge of a few things that have slipped over the past year.

We spent last night with friends. Every year (except one) we have a couple over to celebrate the wife's birthday. Since they keep agreeing to it each year I can only assume that they enjoy it as much as we do. There's an art to being good guests, and these two seem to have mastered it. Though they're technically my friends, they always do an excellent job of including Terhi and keeping the inside jokes/references to a minimum. We talk (a lot, for us), play games (rediscovered Mille Bornes this time), and consume mass quantities. Great fun!

Today we celebrated by going to the local discount supermarket and buying $160 of food storage items. We would have bought more, but were afraid of breaking the cart. Canned goods get heavy. Then we came home and took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. I'm amazed at how big our living room feels now.

And tomorrow I go back to work. I'll be officially starting on my new assignment.

2007 is officially under weigh. I'm not as optimistic (or perhaps confident--and with very good cause) as Tiffany, but I think this will be a good year. To quote (the entity known as) David Bowman, "Something is going to happen. Something wonderful."

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