Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cats and Dogs...Sleeping Together...!

It would appear that we are about to become a dog household. Terhi has been teaching ballet for the past semester at a private studio in someone's house. Each week she and the kids notice the people's dog chained up in the yard and feel sorry for it. I think the owner has noticed their attention--and her own family's lack of attention--and decided to offer the dog to us. We're going to accept and see how our cats deal with it.

Just another step in our evil plan to make sure my allergy-ridden family never visits us again.

In other news, I took the Christmas lights down tonight. The wind was blowing from the south via the coffee factory. I know I'm a Mormon, and we don't drink coffee, but I don't see anything in the commandments about not sniffing it. Roasted coffee beans provide a mighty fine aroma. Fine enough that I didn't mind crawling around on the roof of the house so much.

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Tiffany said...

You and me both, buddy. I love the smell of coffee, even if 1) I don't drink it and 2) it makes Michael retch.