Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pardon, Your Intolerance Is Showing

It seems gay rights activists are up in arms over Obama's selection of Rick Warren to offer the invocation at his inauguration. Why? Because Warren supported Prop 8 in California.

What is odd about this is that Obama himself has gone on record saying he does not support gay marriage for religious reasons. Granted, "not supporting" is not the same as "opposing", but it's still splitting the hair pretty thin for gay activists to support Obama and yet get upset over Warren's selection. Why does Obama get a pass for his stance, while Warren does not?

It's a single prayer at a single event, and yet the gay activists are willing to burn more credibility over this. Obama claims he disagrees with Warren on a number of issues, and probably Warren disagrees with Obama on a number of issues. Yet both are willing to come together on this.

So who is intolerant now?

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