Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Annual Sag Awards

I seem to have been a victim of Election Fervor. Now that most of the election and fallout is over I find I've lost much of my interest in what's going on in politics. I'm still keeping track of things, but I find I have much less to say. I mean really, other than "Oh my gosh!", what can you say about the arrest of Illinois Governor Blagojevich(?)? The only concern here, really, is how much more is going on across the political world that we AREN'T finding out about? For every stupid/clumsy/greedy politician that gets caught there are plenty more who (for now) are keeping things under the radar.

But I digress. I think I'm going to give up on this blog for now. I'm kicking around some ideas for another blog/site right now--one that is both more interesting to me and more original than a political blog.

Thanks for dropping by, but if you're looking for centrist political views, try The Purple Center. As I've said before, he/she/it is doing what I had planned to do, only better.

Ciao for now!

EDIT: Okay, maybe not. Perhaps I should just say "I won't be posting as often."


Dan Stratton said...


Well, okay.

See ya.

Thom said...

Well, perhaps I was hasty. I probably should have just warned people not to expect much posting for awhile, if ever. I suppose I still have political things to post about, but it's not the all-(time)consuming passion it was.