Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let Boys Be Boys

Dr. Helen Smith, in an interview with Mens News, had this to say about the message society is giving our boys--and their options in coping with it:
It sounds innocent enough but imagine the negativity you receive on a daily basis as a boy in our society. You go to school where you are told you may be a potential rapist or sexual harasser, then the teacher tells you to settle down or you will be sent for medication, the girl at the mall is wearing a “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” t-shirt and then the TV is telling you that you are a bed-wetter or drug addict. It’s no wonder our boys are now more interested in video games than in school, learning or later, college. At least video games are challenging and not telling them they are somehow inadequate.

As a parent of children of both genders I want to make sure they all get positive, uplifting messages from society. I'm so glad to belong to a church that emphasizes boys and girls equally--each has different abilities and roles, but each is absolutely critical to our ultimate destiny.

And yet it's religion that is frequently decried as "out of touch". Silly me, I thought that would be a much better message for my kids than "girls are sex objects, boys are cavemen, and they're both better off without each other." Think about it--that's what society is telling them.

I'm Vox Potpourri, and I DON'T approve that message.

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