Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

That's seriously my impression of both candidates after last night's final debate. We just barely passed a bill to spend $750 billion to save the economy. Now both of them are convinced we need another $50 billion plus to bribe--I mean help the middle class.

Enough already! I'm not sure how much more "help" we can afford. Seriously, either the rescue package is going to work, or it's not. Tacking on a list of additional goodies they forgot to shove into the deal is not going to help. The fact is that the professional money-handlers not only screwed up, but screwed up in such a glorious fashion that we have little choice but to bail them out, lest they take us all down with them. Fine. We'll pony up the cash. Or rather, China will.

But let's not keep piling on more just because we haven't gotten over the sticker-shock enough to realise that $50 billion is still a lot-o-cash. That would buy the entire company I work for, and we're a Fortune 50 company.

One thing is obvious from last night. Neither of these clowns are professional money-managers. For three debates in a row none of them have admitted that we can't afford everything they want to do. They both want to spend more money while cutting taxes. As if we weren't already running a deficit. You may note just how quickly both of them ran away from the question of "how soon can you balance the budget".

I don't know how Obama can cut taxes on 95% of Americans when 30% of Americans don't pay taxes. And I'm not sure how McCain can cut taxes on businesses in one breath while slapping a medical benefits tax on them in the other.

So here's my Christmas Wish: For the economy to recover before either one of these clowns can take office. I know they feel obligated to be seen doing something before the election, but seriously: keep them away from the economy. In their cases, laissez-faire is the best approach. Or have Adam Smith hold the invisible hand over their mouths. Otherwise our best hope is that Congress remains divided and unable to agree on anything, like passing their economic plans.

And it's a sad day when government gridlock is the only things standing between us and oblivion.

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