Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Call For Sense

As it looks increasingly likely that Obama will be the next president, many people on the right seem to be preparing to live by "Do unto others as they have been doing to you". They want to give Obama and the Democrats the same grief that the Left has been laying on Bush and the Republicans.

Rick Moran has other ideas:
"There is no more important aspect of democracy than the minority accepting the will of the majority. The constitution gives the minority certain protections against getting steamrolled by the majority. But it doesn’t give the minority the right to torpedo the legitimacy of the winner.

This is more than a question of “fair play” or being a “sore loser.” The Constitution says we have only one president at a time. Given the importance of that office, it is stark raving lunacy to seek to destroy the man occupying it."
I have to agree, as much as it's tempting to join the former group. Politics in America has become too focused on "Winning" rather than doing what's right. We're not always going to get our way. If that means we have to retaliate and scuttle an otherwise perfectly acceptable proposal for revenge purposes or just because it was put forward by the Left then we're certainly no better than the Left and do not deserve to ever lead again.

Indeed, why would America want anyone in power who acts that way? The Left and Right are nearly indistinguishable from one another in their behavior, while getting increasingly far apart on anything that matters. As Americans we're left with no viable choice. In such situations it's perfectly acceptable to call a timeout and make the squabblers take turns. Let's give Obama four years, then some Republican four years, and back and forth.

Until one side grows up and proves they want what's best for America and that they're truly ready to lead, that's as good as we're likely to get.

Whomever is elected (and frankly there is lots to dislike about both of them), I will try my best to be supportive. I'll use whatever influence I have to change their mind if I think they're wrong, but ultimately I'll do my best to accept the outcome without complaint until it's time to vote again. Any complaints will be registered at the ballot box.

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