Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Morning

I had to come in to work a little early this morning, and it was still dark. The route I took was quite familiar to me, but only by daylight. The tall buildings downtown look quite impressive as you round the last curve of the freeway into town.

My route passes by one of the local parks, too. The trees have lost quite a few of their leaves, most of which seemed to be blowing along the road. It was quite the sight watching the leaves in the headlights, scattering and swirling around the car tires, like miniature wildebeest stampedes across a asphalt Serengeti.

The office building I work in looks entirely transformed at night. There are a lot more windows than I'm normally cognizant of. By day the building looks like two brick slabs interrupted by a vaulted greenhouse structure between them. At night the building seems almost entirely glass, linking the three sections into a more coherent whole.

There was a breeze, and I was expecting it to be cold. One normally associates blowing Autumn leaves with cold wind. But this one was warm and moist like a friendly embrace.

As I headed for the building I was left with the impression that today is going to be more than just a little unusual. And not just because I met Marie Antoinette on the stairway.


Annette said...

Did she have a head on her shoulders or tucked under her arm? I like your widebeast imagery. Waxing poetic, are we?

Happy Halloween!

Dan Stratton said...

It wasn't until she shoved cake in my mouth and chopped off my head in the IT Security guillotine that I realized, today is unusual.

Thom said...

I was feeling rather poetic this morning. And yes, I was even consciously trying to be poetic. Glad it seems to have succeeded.