Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politicians...I Hate Those Guys

Okay, perhaps my feelings are not that strong, but I've never been and am still not fond of politics. I'd rather not follow it. The older I get, however, the less I can ignore it. Even when I really have very little impact, living in a state that matters about as little as any state in the Union can.

So for me to come out and make a endorsement in the primaries means something. I'm very worried about the way things are looking. I really wish I could call for a new shuffle, but that's not in the cards (yuk yuk yuk!).

Forget about the Democratic candidates. Hillary is farther left than Bill, and not nearly so genial. This is not someone who will even give lip-service to being a uniter. He philosophy seems to be "Things need changing, so sit down, shut up, and stay out of my way." It's not a terribly great domestic policy, and a guaranteed disastrous foreign policy.

Obama could be better. I don't know. What DOES he stand for, really? His campaign seems to be centered around "I'm not Hillary. And by the way, I'm black."

I've got nothing against a woman president. I have nothing against a black president. That really doesn't matter to me. What they stand for matters completely. I don't like what they stand for.

Then there are the Republicans. McCain is....well, McCain. I've seen more harm come from McCain-Feingold than good. He's got many of the same problems as Hillary--You can say anything, anytime as a senator and no one takes you all that seriously. But as President you can't do that, and I'm not sure they'll be able to shut up if elected. He happened to be right on Iraq, which is a point in his favor. But that's all I can find to like him for.

Romney? His being Mormon has nothing to do with anything to me. Harry Reid is a Mormon, too, and he's about as scary, vile, and nasty a person as I could ever hope to not meet. Religion is not a litmus test for me. His business success is a strong point. His ability to somehow get things done in Massachussetts is a plus. Unlike some, I don't view the ability to change one's position as a intrensic negative. As president you need to be able to compromise and look at other options.

So why don't I like Romney? I don't know. It could be that he's a light-weight on foreign affairs. And if the Congress has proven anything in the last eight years, it's that presidents don't have much impact on domestic issues. Congress sees to that. It's foreign affairs where presidents can really make a difference.

I think he could learn. I think he's not necessarily headed on the wrong track. And, perhaps too importantly, he's not John McCain, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama.

Throw my hat in the ring for Romney. If it's not too late.

But dang, I wish Fred Thompson had been able to do better.

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