Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vox Politico

I would have voted for Fred Thompson. He dropped out. I would have voted for Mitt Romney, and now he's dropped out. I am a curse, it would seem.

But what is most interesting is the footing Romney left on. He essentially said that he is resigning to increase his party's chance of winning the election. In other words, he's doing it for the good of the party--and of course for America, but that's actually somewhat irrelevant at the moment. I don't think his timing and his explanation are about what is immediately best for America, even if it's true.

I think he's putting pressure on John McCain to move more toward the party line. He's saying to "Maverick", "Hey, I'm willing to do what is best for the party. Your turn."

And in so doing, I think he is doing what is best for America, too. There are a lot of things about McCain I don't like. There are some things about Romney I don't like. I've long given up hoping for the perfect candidate. But I believe that a president's impact on domestic policy is minimal compared to what they can do for foreign policy. And that is where this next election is so critical.

We don't need a president who is going to apologize to the world for having freedom and democracy, tuck our tail between our legs, and hide at home waiting for Islam to come take that freedom and democracy away from us. Whatever else he may do, John McCain won't do that. If any of the Democratic candidates win that IS what they will do.

So maybe, just maybe, Romney's pressure will help push McCain a little more to the right on the domestic issues. Or maybe it will set him up as a potential running mate, which could put him in a position to influence those areas where he is stronger than McCain. The two of them together may add up to a decent presidency.

Romney's move in this direction at this time opens the door for that. The continued Hill-bama brawl pretty much guarantees neither of them will get the nod for vice president--too much bad blood in the water. Any independents who supported the loser may have little choice but to jump to the Right side of the fence, whereas there's a good chance that most of the independents currently on the Right would stay there with a McCain-Romney ticket.

Just my thoughts. Only time will tell if I know anything. I'm predicting I don't.

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