Tuesday, January 29, 2008

News From the Heart-Land

It looks like my heart hasn't gotten any worse, and in at least one area it's looking better. With my current condition I may need to get one valve replaced when I'm 50 or 60, perhaps, but certainly nothing soon.

This is a relief. The past two years at least one indicator had grown worse. Now it's dropped back to near-normal. It's hard to say why, but no one is complaining by any means.

It's a big relief, really. I know heart surgery is becoming fairly routine these days, but I'm in no hurry to undergo it. I've only had one minor surgery other than a tonsillectomy, and that, quite frankly, was scary enough. I don't like the idea of general anesthesia. I didn't like it last time. I liked it even less when I passed out last year.

Oh, I'm sure if I had to I could tough it out. I'm just glad to postpone facing down that particular demon for as long as possible.

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