Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Town hall, Idaho style

Tonight I got a call from my congressman--or at least his auto-dialer--inviting me to a telephone town hall, one of at least two he's conducting this month. I decided to join. Everyone was polite and calm on both sides of the health care issue, and Mr. Minnick did a pretty good job of explaining where he stands on things and why. This is what town halls should be, and would be if more congresspersons treated their constituents with the respect Mr. Minnick shows us.

Walt Minnick is one of the "Blue Dog Democrats" who supposedly convinced Pelosi to slow things down and not take a vote until after the August recess. If so, good for him. And while I can't say I agree with everything he said, I think if he can stick to his guns he'll do a good job for us when he goes back. If there has to be health care reform, I'd prefer his version of it to anything else I've heard so far.

I'm still jaded enough by politics to not want to believe Minnick is for real, but he's off to a good start if he's trying to make a believer out of me. I didn't vote for him, but next time around I just might.

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