Wednesday, August 26, 2009

General disquiet

Here are a few things that worry me:
- Senators abusing their power to dredge up ammunition for the Health Care bill
- Real unemployment rate much higher, perhaps 16%
- It appears that the person who vandalized the Denver DNC office is...a Democrat activist
- Beating up blacks is okay if they're against Democratic policies
- What's good for Geithner is criminal for the rest of us
- The deficit will be higher than first thought...and that's a good thing?!
- China is starting to dump American debt
- Eric Holder is a joke, but I'm not laughing
- John Stossel has noticed that criticism equals racism in "post-racial America"
- The Healthcare Bill includes tighter restrictions on taxpayers who make honest mistakes. Perhaps this is a good thing if it would have applied to Obama cabinet appointees.

Don't worry, there's got to be some good news out there somewhere.

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