Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oops! I picked the wrong side!

According to this article, the Obama administration is offering $15 an hour to protest in favor of his health care proposal (big misnomer, really, since he didn't write any of it and admits to having no idea what is in it). Unfortunately for me I already caved to the insurance companies and have been speaking out against it. Boy did I screw that up. Obama pays much better than the big, bad insurance companies! I haven't received a single darn penny for my efforts so far.

But it's our side of the debate that's being dismissed as "astroturf", while the other side is the one hauling in professional protestors. Isn't all this "truthiness" great?


Dan Stratton said...

That is what community organizers do: pay people to protest. It is kind of like the 'union' guys hanging out around in front of schools and hospitals, protesting that they chose someone else to do the work for less than the union. They aren't union guys. They hire people to sit out there and act all protester. A friend of mine stopped to ask them questions and they didn't have a clue why they were there, just that they were getting paid to sit there.

So if everyone gets paid to protest, who earns the money to pay them?

Thom said...

Heh. If someone paid me $15 an hour to sit outside a hospital I'd even be willing to find out the issues in case someone does ask me questions. But therein is my problem, I suspect. I believe in doing good work whatever the pay.