Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Writing Gig: is a Clarity Media Group venture that leverages local writers in 60 major markets across the US to provide local, expert content. I've applied and been accepted as the Boise Business Strategies Examiner.

My debut article can be found here. Most Boiseans are familiar with Metro Express Car Wash by now, but I look a little deeper into how they use their electronic sign as an entry point to get people into their online marketing.

So take a look if you like. I should be posting something every few days.


Ronaldo said...

Is this something you're getting paid for, or is it strictly a name recognition / vanity press sort of deal?

Thom said...

I do get paid based on the number of page views. It's not much, but it'll provide some nice spending money from time to time.

I suspect any big money will have to come from name recognition.