Friday, January 30, 2009

How's That Again?

Here's a video of Sen. Claire McCaskill protesting Wall street executives for taking $18.4 Billion in bonuses, comparing it to "kick[ing] taxpayers in the shins".

She's not wrong, but I can't help but wonder. If $18.4 billions is a kick in the shins, just what is $820 billion? A double-tap with a .45 to the head?

I agree. Companies that take bailout money should not be offering executive bonuses. Executives in those companies should not be taking them. But I wouldn't extend that any farther. If those companies who are staying afloat by themselves want to give bonuses, that's their business. Stockholders should hold their boards accountable, but that is it.

Meanwhile, don't lecture people about wasting $18.4 billion of taxpayer money and then turn around and waste $820 billion of it. To be frank, I think the Wall St. executives will probably do as much or more to stimulate the economy with those $18 billions as the Democrats will with their "stimulus bill".

I'm just disgusted with the whole mess right now. A few bad apples on Wall St. are ruining it for everyone, while the Democrats take full advantage of it to ram a bunch of wasteful, crony-rewarding spending down our gullet. I hope there's a line in the stimulus bill to buy everyone in America shin-guards, because the shin-kicking is just beginning.

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