Monday, January 19, 2009

All-Star Cast

Our dentist selects a "patient of the month" and rewards them with movie tickets. Both Emma and Walter were selected over the last six months. Today I was off work for MLKJr. Day, so I took them to see "Tale of Despereaux". It should have been PG, as it's very intense (as witnessed by Walter's gradual migration into my lap), but it's a good show. Very cute, very well done.

There were a lot of celebrity voices, but the credits went by the character name--only a few of which I caught. So I guess it'll remain a mystery for now who did which voice.


Dan Stratton said...

A full list is at
This is where I get all my movie facts.

Thom said...

Yes, that's where I went the minute I got home. The trouble is, it doesn't help any to know that Christopher Lloyd voiced "Hovis" if you don't remember anyone named Hovis in the movie. The names, when they told you, went by so quickly that I don't know any character names.