Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not Buying That One

What does Obama say he was referring to with his "presidents on the dollar bills" quip?
"What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn't get here after spending decades in Washington," Gibbs said. "There is nothing more to this than the fact that he was describing that he was new to the political scene. He was referring to the fact that he didn't come into the race with the history of others. It is not about race."

Uh huh. Right. Sure. That's certainly what I think about when I think of Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Grant. All of them were long-time Washington operators.

Assuming for a second that he's right, that's the most obscure way of saying what he claims to have said I've ever heard. I NEVER would have gotten that from what he said. So much for the Great Communicator. But let's look at this more deeply.

George Washington: There was no "Washington D.C." or White House. He served in the Contintental Congress for perhaps over a year before taking military command until 1783. Became president of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, then served eight years as President of the United States. So his "Senate" record is about as short as Obama's.

Abraham Lincoln: Served one term in the House of Representatives. Served as president for just over one term. Very active in politics, it's true. But his "Congress" record is about as short as Obama's.

Andrew Jackson: Served less than a year in the House. Served less than a year in the Senate. Elected senator again for three years. Lost the election for President in 1824. Served two terms as president. Somewhat longer record, but not by much.

Ulysses S. Grant: No prior political office at any level. Elected president for two terms.

So yes, I guess Obama has very little in common with these men--they were all elected president, and the majority had military experience.

Pardon me if I'm not buying his explanation. He dropped the bait out there and is now trying to weasle out of it. He played the Race Card. McCain called him on it. There is no other logical interpretation.

EDIT: DOHT! I missed the most obvious point of all. If Obama is trying to imply that he's not a Washington Insider, a career politician, etc., then why does he think we would be SCARED of that? Wouldn't he WANT McCain and Bush to attack him in that manner? Wouldn't it be a GOOD thing to be different?

Nope, definitely not buying it.

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