Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonder from Downunder

There's a site I visit that plugs a new artist/group each day. I almost never pay attention. Today's album thumbnail made the singer look like Laura Bush. I admire Laura Bush. I was curious.

She's not Laura Bush. She's 23 and writes some interesting music. It doesn't grab you by the throat and make you listen (well, at least one song does for me). It's just there, waiting for you to invest a bit of yourself and listen. It rewards you if you do.

Her style is an interesting mash of country, blues, folk, and pop. It's all acoustic, and the elegantly simple arrangement supports a pleasant, mature, evocative voice. It's easy on the ears and it's seductive, and I am so tempted to buy her album.

May I recommend Missy Higgins, of Melbourne, Australia.

"Steer" grabs me. At least listen to that one. The video that goes with it is pretty good, too. I can relate to the concept of a human crash-test dummy.

Favorite line: "You've been playing at a game called remembering your name / And you stuffed it up."

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