Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GOP reponse to Sotomayor gives America no credit

The GOP is afraid. They see the Sotomayor nomination as a nearly insurmountable problem. They can't protest her nomination without alienating the Hispanic vote. Or so they say.

I think what they're really saying is that they can't control their own message. They either can't or won't make it clear what their real reasons are, so they're preparing to lose the battle to win the war. Or something like that.

I don't think they even know what war it is they're fighting. It's not a fight over minority voting blocks. It's a fight over who can and should lead this country. It's a fight over what this country's values should be.

We already know the Democrats will pander to minorities long enough to get their vote, and then stiff them. Why would Republicans want to duplicate this tactic?

Here's a revolutionary idea: Stand for something and see how many people rally to your cause. Go on the record as to why you oppose Sotomayor. Make it clear it's because of X, Y, and Z in her judicial record, or A, B, C in her stated beliefs. Make no mention of her race. Wait for the Democrats to call it a race issue, then simply kick the stool out from under them: "America has elected a black president, proving once and for all that we're beyond such pettiness. Won't you please join us in the 21st century?"

When they duck and cover in anticipation of Democrat accusations of racism they only reinforce the idea that there is actually something to it. That, and they give America no credit for having a brain. They don't think we notice that the race card gets played by the left all the time. They don't think we can see through it. They don't think we'd recognize a principled stand when we see one.

Give us some credit. And give yourselves a boost. Stand up for something. Show you've got a spine. We're looking for a few good vertibrates.

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