Thursday, April 19, 2007

Allow Me To Demonstrate

Our company sponsored two classes yesterday; one on CPR, and another on First Aid. I signed up for both. The CPR class was kind of fun, really. Serious stuff, but good to know. The afternoon class on first aid, however, was an adventure.

The teacher was a paramedic, and so he had lots of "example" pictures. I started feeling a little sick, so I put my head down on my knees, hoping it would pass. It didn't. I passed out. I came to with paramedics surrounding me. I become coherent quickly enough, but I still felt lousy. When I didn't bounce back as fast as I should have, and when I told them about my heart condition, they decided I needed a trip to the E.R.

I spent the next three hours in the hospital. Three tries to put in an IV, a series of bloodtests (they're always ordering a CBC on "ER"--I still don't know what it is, but I got one!), an EKG, two x-rays, an IV of saline, and oxygen therapy later they decided that the class pictures had triggered a vasovagal episode, compounded by mild dehydration, otherwise known as "I got squeamish and passed out." On the other hand, they ruled out complications from my heart condition, which I guess is good to know.

I'm still a bit weak and frail today. I was describing what happened to someone this morning and started getting dizzy again. I guess I've really got to watch it for awhile. The good news? If you stop breathing for any reason--I'm your man!

I really, really hope this ends our run of bad luck for awhile.


Annette said...

No offense, but if looking a pictures of emergencies makes you pass out, I'm not so sure I'd want to depend on you to save me if I had one.

Glad you're okay. Isn't fainting a surreal experience? Not one I'd care to repeat, but kind of interesting.

If you have to pass out, I guess a first aid class is a good place to do it. Maybe you should send them a bill for your services as a test subject.

Thom said...

Well, so far I've never had that problem when it mattered. Ask Cari Hislop.

In my defense, these were pretty darn graphic, like legs hacked up by weedwackers and fingers with the skin removed by wedding rings caught on something. Then enlarge them 20 times on a big screen in front of the class, and leave them there for five minutes while the teacher tells you of other gross cases he's seen.

Dan said...

Eck! I'd be with you. I almost signed up for those classes, too. I would have been there if I weren't taking the week off. Now I'm glad I did. I just wanted to learn CPR, not get grossed out. I passed out giving blood one time. That was fun. (not) They tend to take it very seriously.

Thom said...

The CPR class is separate from the first aid class, and nowhere near as intense. It's fairly simple and straightforward. I'd recommend it.

Tiffany said...

I'm just glad to hear that you're okay.

Here's hoping that is a continuing trend

Thom said...

Thanks. I'm doing better. Well enough to handle building a 8'x10' playhouse for the kids without too much trouble (other than the fact that I'm an aging, out-of-shape desk-jockey).