Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What am I...

...reading: "The Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde. A quirky little alternate history tale with a bit of harsh language and occasional violations of narrative style--and the occasional dash of unexpected humor.

...doing: Still working on the playhouse and maintaining the lawn--when I get outside at all!

...planning: Family reunion next week.

...waiting on: Babylon 5, seasons 1 & 2

...still recovering from: Cracked ribs mentioned two weeks ago. I'm getting better, just slowly

...wishing for: Either rain or cooler weather...or both!

...lauging about: Subject line from spam: "Cash for Women!" Sounds like a good trade to me. Too bad I don't have any to spare.


Dan said...

Good post. :-) Our family really enjoyed all the Thursday Next novels. Very enjoyable. Keep your improbability indicator close! I just love Uncle Mycroft (tough to know how it is spelled when you listen to it on Audible).

You know we have all 5 Babylon 5 seasons...

And I'm wishing with you...

Thom said...

It's hard to believe that Fforde takes himself or the books too seriously. I quickly glanced at his website the other day and he has two books left to complete the ten books he's committed himself to in order to "establish himself." So it sounds to me like someone is having a heck of a lot of fun with their hobby.

Yes, that's one drawback of audio-books--you never know how anything is spelled. For all I know Jack S--- is spelled some way that makes it more palatable.

Mycroft is a hoot. Thursday is just too good, but then she's probably a nose-thumb at James Bond. And the flocks of dodos just cracks me up for some reason.

Yes, I know you have B5 and so does a friend of mine. But some things are just good enough you want to make sure you have it when you want it. And considering how much the prices have come down, now's the time.

Benneducci said...

Yes, Jack's name is spelled in a Germanic fashion. I've read at least two more in this series, it gets screwier from here but since you can tell he's not intending for anyone to take it seriously it's all good fun. As it is, it's hard to dislike anyone who puts crossword puzzles on the back of their sequels. Fforde's also got a 'nursery crime department' book out, in which he really skewers some of the detective fiction tropes. Oh my gosh, a detective who's.....happily married???

And watch out for the Anger Management classes in "The Well of Lost Plots". ;)